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The right product for the customer, whether for standby or prime applications, open, enclosed or sound attenuated. All elements of Cummins Power Generation sets are designed from the start, to work together, to maximize efficiency, to provide lower running costs combined with straightforward service and maintenance facilities. A high quality product, coupled with unrivaled, reliability, gives industry leading power.

Our Services

Power Engineering

Multitec Maldives Pvt.Ltd has justified a revered position in the industry with the crème de la crème of enviable clientele of prestigious organizations and companies. Our stature of virtuosity for ...

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Fire Protection

The risk of fire is one of the greatest threats to health and safety, property and the delivery of essential services. Industry, government, and indeed everyone, share in the responsibility ...

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Lightning & Surge Protection Systems

Lightning is the visible discharge of static electricity within a cloud, between clouds, or between tile earth and a cloud. Scientists still do not fully understand what causes lightning, b...

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Radiator Repairing

As a radiator repair expert, We offer expert radiator repair services for all Industrial radiators, different kinds of Heat Exchangers and Automotive Radiators. Whether you have a cooling system that ...

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Low Voltage Distribution

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Recognized for our technical ability and experience in the field of design, at Multitec Maldives Pvt.Ltd, we pride ourselves in developing efficient and economic installations for the client. 
Whether the ...

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Surveillance Systems

Many organizations are replacing existing analogue surveillance systems with security solutions that use digital video recording (DVR) technology. DVR technology offers a wide range of benefits over analogue systems, including ...

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Access Control Solutions

Biometric access systems are becoming high-demand technologies for users who require highly accurate, quick and almost foolproof identity verification.

For more than a decade, the company has been providing security solutions ...

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