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Multitec Maldives Pvt.Ltd.. is a modern, diversified service oriented and technologically innovative company specializing in design, assemble and installation of power factor equipment and harmonic filters. We have been in the service since 1999 and our senior employees got two decades of service under their belts. 


In an era where technological innovations continued to be valued in and of itself, but while, thankfully, technology allows certain modes of production, it does not provide the fundamental values: unprecedented service and clear communication. Multitec Maldives Pvt.Ltd. operates on these pivotal values.


Provide unprecedented, efficient and affordable energy engineering services with a principle to view and supply products of the highest quality, to support clients with the best possible service, and to ensure complete efficiency.

As history is fluid and technology is fast paced, our vision is to look beyond the present expand the services we provide with the same result:SATISFACTION.

Multitec Maldives Pvt.Ltd will perpetuate its reputation by acting in accordance with the fundamental values: UNPRECEDENTED SERVICE , QUALITY and CLEAR COMMUNICATION